Tom Ellis was born on 17th November 1978 in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom as Thomas John Ellis to Marilyn Jean Hooper (mother) and Christopher John Ellis (father).

Tom has three sisters: Annwen, Naomi and his twin Lucy.

His father, sister and uncle are all Baptist ministers, with his uncle, Robert Ellis, being principal of Regent’s Park College, Oxford. Tom attended High Storrs School in Sheffield during his education and was a French horn player in the City of Sheffield Youth Orchestra. Tom went on to study BA Dramatic Studies at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, which was previously named Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama (RSAMD).

Other notable roles include Gary Preston in a hit TV show Miranda aired on BBC co-side with Miranda Hart from November 9, 2009 to January 1, 2015, Thomas Milligan in the series three finale of the BBC One science-fiction television programme Doctor Who or King Cenred in the BBC drama series Merlin. In July and August 2009, Tom starred in TV comedy drama Monday Monday. Tom was the star of the USA network series Rush, playing a Hollywood physician. In February 2015, it was announced he was cast as Lucifer Morningstar in the Fox Television drama Lucifer, based on the comics by Neil Gaiman, which premiered on 25 January 2016.

Tom has 3 daughters, Nora born in 2005, Florence Elsie born in 2008 and Marnie Mae who was born in 2012.

Tom got married to television producer Meaghan Oppenheimer since June 1st.

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